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Mallard Point Drainage Update Meeting

June 3, 2009/SG Community House


6:00 P.M.




Saturday, April 25, 2009


The Rob Roy district asked Sean several times to be the lead agency on the project, but he replied

that he had to think about the entire Village not just one subdivision and that he wouldn’t commit any funding.
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Why doesn't the village believe that they let Mallard Point get this way without making sure the drainage pond was built to code AND without making sure that who ever ended up owning the pond would by law, maintain that pond?

It has nothing to do with the rest of the village. The village let the drainage issue slip thru the cracks and now they have a responsibility to pay the cost to have it done right. Just like they should have from the start.

Instead, the village is just gonna let Mallard Point residents sink? Let the other 90% of Sugar Grove resent Mallard Point residents and send hate comments to this blog because they feel we need to "man up" and fix this problems ourselves? It's our tough luck. Buyer Beware (despite the fact that we had home inspectors come out and the village itself approved these houses and approved basements)?

I am so tired of the same old same old. Great neighbors, great schools, but a village board that just keeps giving us the bum's rush.


drainage update/nothing will change, will it?

                                                                                                      Saturday, April 25, 2009
Good day to you all,

I want to let you know that Laurie and I attended today’s Rob Roy Drainage District #2 meeting at the Sugar Grove Township building. The obvious topic was Mallard Point and the flow of water from the wetland area onto the property to the south. The concern of the farmers is that the Rob Roy drainage system is being overloaded and filled with the ponds flow of water and not allowing the drainage of surrounding farm land. After listening to the plight of the surrounding property owners, I chimed in with the current status of the level of the pond and home owners that are affected with the never ending borage of water and constant pumping just to save their homes and that the costs of doing is ever climbing.

Everyone agree that a solution needs to be found. A simple solution was discussed of installing a sewer line from the wetland area across the farm land to the Rob Roy creek. This is a similar solution that was used by a development in Montgomery and EEI was the Engineer. Everyone believes that this could a permanent solution; the rub to this solution is who will pay for the engineering, legal, and installation of the pipe.

While there were many representatives present from a number of governmental agencies including Sean Michaels from the Village of Sugar Grove no one agency stepped up and was willing to take ownership of the project. The Rob Roy district asked Sean several time to be the lead agency on the project, but he replied that he had to think about the entire Village not just one subdivision and that he wouldn’t commit any funding.

A suggestion by some of the property owners was made that the Village of Sugar Grove stop the flow of water out of the wetlands so the farm fields can dry and be planted. I immediately jumped in and said, that solution would be detrimental to the home owners and would cause a life safety issue.

The meeting seemed end in a stalemate with no real action plan for implementing a solution but maybe a few phone calls to be made.

My take on this meeting is that no one wants to take ownership of the problem. The Rob Roy stated that they have no funding to pay for any improvements and would like the Village to dam up the out flow of the pond. The Villages position is that the pond and wetlands are designed properly even if the drainage from the Ogle’s property does drain into the pond. My fear is unless the residents of Mallard Point band together and demand that the Village of Sugar Grove represent our interests and explicitly work toward a permanent solution nothing will be done and we will continue to suffer and will cause a greater problem. If the Village of Sugar Grove and the Rob Roy Drainage District turn off the flow of the water out of the pond, we may need to hire an attorney to protect our interests, since no one else will. We all need to stay vigilant in attending Village board meeting especially now.

Respectfully summated,
Kevin & Laurie Geary
Resident of Mallard Point

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A message from our newest Trustee:

I want to thank everyone who encouraged me, assisted me, and took the time out of their day to vote for me. I am humbled at the response that I got and assure you all that I will work hard to make the Village of Sugar Grove an even better place to live. Over the past month I have walked the many neighborhoods in Sugar Grove and knocked on an estimated 1200+ doors talking to people about issues in their neighborhoods. I have witnessed the crumbling streets, uneven sidewalks, water drainage issues, unfinished sudivisions, etc. I have also heard the demands to bring more retail into the village to offset the tax burden on the homeowners. I am looking forward to working with the rest of the board on the many issues facing us as a community. I would also like to take a moment to address the anonymous blogger who seems to be fixated on my affiliation with Mallard Point. I built one of the first homes in Mallard Point 15 years ago and have lived through many of the issues facing other subdivisions in town today. There are a number of Mallard Point residents who need help right now with flooding issues and I personally think these issues have been ignored for too long. That is why I became involved. I also believe that there are many other issues in town that have been ignored for too long and will take a stand on those too. If you are suggesting that I ran for Trustee for the one issue effecting Mallard Point at the expense of the rest of the village you are sadly mistaken, and you certainly don't know me as a person, or the ethical standards that I live by. I have been in law enforcement for over 30 years and have always been there for people who need help. It doesn't matter where they live, or what their status in life is. If someone needs help, there should be a community willing to help. If you choose to leave an allegation that I have acted differently then at least have the decency to leave a name or base it on fact. Rick Montalto

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


YAY!!! Congratulations Rick Montalto!!!

YAY!!! Even though the voter turnout was low, Rick Montalto is the newest village trustee!!! It was a close race.

Rick will be sworn in the first Tuesday in May. Rick says it would be nice to see some of the Mallard Point people at the swearing in ceremony, since they are a big reason that he will be on the board. So please show up for that. I will post more specifics when I get them!!

Now we have 2 Mallard Point residents on the board. That is a very reassuring feeling for us!!


Here is a message from another Mallard point Resident who was voted in yesterday, Julie Wilson:

I want to thank everyone who went out and voted yesterday. The turnout was very low, however, every vote counts!

As a newly elected Library Trustee I thank all of you who voted for me. I was appointed last summer to fill in on one of two vacacies and I am in the learning process of it all and want to continue to help make a difference. Although the referendum failed, we will push forward to continue to show this wonderful community a great treasure we will have available to all this summer when the new library building opens. There will be many opportunities for volunteers and I hope to be able to give of my time as well with this.

If any of the Mallard Point neighbors ever have any questions about the new library, please forward them to me or ask to be added to the agenda for a future library board meeting. We welcome visitors!

I welcome neighbor, Rick Montalto to the Village of Sugar Grove Trustees! We are very fortunate to have two trustees we can call neighbors!

Thank you all...

Julie Wilson
122 Brookhaven Ct.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Channel 17/1pm and 7pm

Meet the Candidates Night was back in March, but was videotaped. The video is being shown on Channel 17 everyday at 1pm and 7pm. Please try to watch one of these "reruns" before election day. Hurry, as there's only 2 more showings before Tuesday!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009



Sugar Grove's election is this Tuesday. Hope the weather cooperates and we get a good turnout. My ultimate hope is that we do get several new faces voted in.

Sugar Grove would be well served to mix things up. From what I am hearing, Sugar Grove sounds a bit like the way Chicago used to be, as far as politics goes. Seems to me that Sugar Grove would be well served to have some members who do want change and are not afraid to let Sugar Grove grow and expand. A part of me does not want that to happen, as with growth, also comes some negative things. But change is a part of life. Hopefully the good would outweigh the bad.

Side note; Of businesses I'd like to see here, Portillo's tops the list. A McDonald's would also be great. Not so hot to see a DQ. That is so seasonal. Jimmy John's would be great too. Dunn Bros. coffee is fantastic, but the only close one already has closed.

If Sugar Grove is looking for larger stores, a TJMaxx might be nice. Personally, I would also love a Once Upon a Child.

I also very much hope that Sugar Grove can get rid of Mediacom. That is the most horrible company to deal with. The village already knows this from the independent study that was done. I hope a competitor comes in with some kind of deal for us.

I hope the library gets the votes needed and maybe we can have a library with decent hours.

What's on your "wish list" for Sugar Grove? Post in in the comments section. Hopefully some new board members (maybe some old ones too) will read it.

Bottom line, don't forget to vote!!! TUESDAY, APRIL 7!!!

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